About Us

The story behind the origin of LadyBossReview…

I started a blog called www.ladybossblogger.com which is a hub where female entrepreneurs go to get interviewed, showcase their businesses and share their expertise. One of the questions I asked them to share was their favorite resources and I found myself gravitating to that particular question every time I edited their interviews. Oftentimes several ladies in a row would recommend the same product, service, or app in which case I would proceed to check it out to see what the buzz was all about!

Because of their recommendations, I have learned about resources that I would have never heard about otherwise.

I started realizing that I wanted to explore this more since it was so helpful for myself and I knew that other ladies would love it as well. As I thought about how to integrate my two sites, I realized that many of the ladies I have featured have their own products and services they offer and they all want to reach more entrepreneurs who are looking for their material.

So I thought, why not create a hub for female entrepreneurial resources?

And that is exactly what I did! If you have a product or resource you would like featured, please email ladybossreview@gmail.com or use our Contact Us page. We also have several internship and blogging opportunities if you would to apply, please visit our Career page to see the requirements and look forward to hearing from you soon!